28 feb. 2011

Well this definitely makes sense why would LMAOSHMSFOAIDMT mean something else ?
I thought I had to share this image to you guys :D

Duck !

Save the ducks ,save the world ! This is by far the bravest police officer ever ! I heard he got promoted after this, I'm not sure tho.

26 feb. 2011

Anonymous attacks

This movie tells us that we should never make fun of the group called Anonymous ..
As you can see at around 4:21 there is a Anonymous mask that appears over Stephen Colber's face.

23 feb. 2011

Snake time !

How would it be to play Snake like this guy on a daily basis?
I bet the person who plays is obsessed with this game.


I managed to remove the old comment system and get the basic one back ! But the thing is you can't post on the older post so I had to repost them.
Stay tuned for more funny stuff !

Pew Pew

I think that bird has been to weird places.
It seems that the Lyrebird imitates any sound it hears from anywhere , it is amazing how the bird makes some of the sounds that it imitates so realistic.
At some point I hear some pew pew , isn't it awesome? I bet those sounds aren't from Earth it must have been in outer space !

I'm confused

Let's continue with another twisted video.
Here it's a french animation completely strange with great graphics.
Lets sit back , enjoy and in the end give some credits to the creators.
Have fun :)

Get Out
Încărcat de Esma-Movie. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

Mind blown

Wait what did just happened ? Did your mind got blown I'm sure mine is oh damn.

Hey sir , I can't find my friends , help ?

At first i was surprised that 3 cats run in a straight line , but than when that cat gets lost i just laughed .

Smile !

Putting a smile on your toast every morning , when you wake up , its just a perfect way to start a day , isn't it?
Well it seems that Xu Yan Xiang thought about that too so he developed this toaster , its design and the transparent look that lets you watch exactly how the toast is made and how does the smiley face appears slowly on the toast , its just amazing!

>Link: http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/03/01/put-a-smile-on-your-toast/

Oh look shiny cars!

It is hard for me to understand how some drivers just can't pay attention in traffic .
Like in this case the driver just drives slowly in the parking lot when suddenly disaster !!!
Oh damn it can be fixed right ?
Than he gets back , stands there and just watches the car he just destroyed , turns around and leaves like nothing happened.
Well thats what I call a good citizen.
Seriously whats wrong.

>Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgIUYwQK6d4


Hello guys I'm new in the view of blogging so I don't really know how to start this , I'll just say that as long as I'm here there will be no boredom at all ! 
So lets start , there is this game I found a little while ago that completely made me lost track of time , I really enjoy it playing and I find it rather addictive.
So lets play it and share our high scores .

>Link:  http://www.cardtoss.com/